About us

Fotocafe Studios started in 2002 with a dream of sharing & nurturing upcoming talent, hence the name Fotocafe. I wanted photographers, students, inventors, enthusiasts & anyone remotely interested in photography to share their dreams, enjoy the process of taking pictures & so on.

But somewhere I lost the way & got busy, but now I feel is the right time to do it. There’s so much to do. So much to explore. So much to share.┬áNothing can compare with the joy of capturing memories & preserving them forever. And now we have so many options of media to explore.

I invite you all to Fotocafe for exchange of ideas, sharing knowledge of photography, Jugaads, inspiration boards, videos, products etc. I am also forming a group, which will go for Photo-walks, participate in contests & events like having photo shows.

The best part would be that everyone involved would also be able to make money out of it, based on the level of involvement. Isn’t that the best news?


Gunshe Ramchandani